Premier Plan

A special program designed for special customers.

What is it?

  • It's a pre-approved funding facility that can be used to buy equipment throughout the year
  • Available credit facility based on future equipment needs
  • Lowest available rate regardless of transaction size
  • Can be tailored for a wide range of needs

Benefits of the Program?

  • The pre-approved funding status minimizes paperwork
  • Makes the buying process simpler, easier and faster
  • Can be used at any dealership selling any brand
  • You can make a major purchase all at once, or multiple purchases throughout the year

How does it work?

  • After an initial credit application, once approved, it's up to you what and when equipment is purchased
  • Renewals correspond to your year-end
  • Financials only once per year
  • Saves time and eliminates hassles

A unique plan that allows maximum flexibility for your equipment needs.

Note: Subject to credit review and approval and other terms and conditions. All financing is in DLL's sole discretion.